School days vs college days comparison

That is why it is important to attend every lecture even though the attendance is not obligatory. Need Money to Pay for College.

Why You Should Consider Trade School Instead of College

A trade school, also known as a technical or vocational school, is an educational institution that exists to teach skills related to a specific job. Hi guys, School days are long life period whereas college days are very short period. Those days never come back but that special memories will be stay with us till our entire life.

Unless you enjoy spending time in a classroom, it may seem unnecessary to pay for extraneous credits and courses. Your professors -- many of whom hold doctoral degrees -- are experts in their fields and trained researchers who must continue to publish to stay academically qualified to teachbut their teaching methods and lecture styles may be completely different from anything you have experienced.

In high school, you were forced to learn all subjects. According to me both the best. Students take their time the following mornings as they wake up at their own pace, eat and head off to the library where they might spend all afternoon preparing for class. Education plays major role in our life, whether it is school or college life we spent our huge life there.

School Days vs College Days - which is the best. However, living alone is also a plus because it means a bit of freedom, and a lot of partying. Elizabeth Hoyt August 20, Everyone knows that the worlds of high school and college couldn't be further apart.

In high school, you had a curfew you had to follow. In college, you use your own judgment for what you have time to do. Work a lot, have a little fun. Although some college majors are faring better than others when it comes to labor market outcomes, a recent report released by the Economic Policy Institute states that overall, the unemployment 8.

On the other hand, college allows you to fully take ownership of your time, responsibilities and who you want to become. This is aside from work schedules and, for those with children, and daycare requirements. College professors are more interested in the personal progress and career of each student.

The reason is obvious — higher income. More and more jobs are being outsourced to places where labor is cheaper, making domestic employment in certain sectors difficult to get. Years spent in college will make you financially independent unless you are too lazy to study hard. Studying just a few hours per week would be enough for the average high school students to understand and remember the necessary study material.

High school teachers are less professional in narrow fields. They often give the same problems in both homework assignments and class quizzes to make the process simpler. In college, everyone wants to be there.

The best students cite the importance -- and need -- to study and prepare for classes on a daily basis. You wake up for your first class or whenever you want. The knowledge of most college professors impresses. There is no set lunchtime in college either — you just eat lunch whenever you have a break between lectures, if you even have a break at lunch.

In college, the library becomes your home away from home.

Like Day and Night: The Difference between Day Classes and Night Classes

To assist future college-bound students, here are the top 16 ways college is different from high school. In high school, you have a full day of classes. In college, balance is the key. Jul 03,  · School Days vs College Days - which is the best? Hi guys, School days are long life period whereas college days are very short period.

Everything we learnt in only from school - discipline, punctuality, knowledge etc. Mar 07,  · School days Vs College days Living in the prime of my college days, I have stumbled upon a few staunch changes in most probably everyone who goes to college.

Still, to the morning people, they are wide awake and are roaring to go. These students prefer morning classes because they (1) spark early in the day, and (2) they want to get their classes out of the way so they can study and/or spend time in the library in the afternoon without rush or need for time-check.

The differences between college and high school are many — and important. Find a list of 50 differences between the two. 50 Differences Between College and High School.

You can nap in the middle of the day. You can work on campus. Your papers are. Oct 24,  · Hey guys. This is my try on COLLEGE DAYS VS SCHOOL DAYS.

INSTA- @eyelash If you miss too many days you can fail. If you are not in class they want to know why. out for students almost like they are their own children.

20 Differences between High School & College Life

They guide them and correct them if necessary. [tags: comparison compare/contrast] Research Papers When I made the jump from high school to college, I found that there are vast.

School days vs college days comparison
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